Sunday, 20 April 2014

Caron Blanton sends noode pics and er0tic video to her former students

A North Carolina middle school teacher is
accused of sending nude pictures and an erotic
video to at least two former students.

Caron Blanton, 34, turned herself in Tuesday
after someone saw the content on a student's
phone at Burns High School in Cleveland County.

"It started out as a basic picture and then onto a
bathing suit picture, and it ended up getting to
the nudity and on into the video," Cleveland
County Sheriff's Office Capt. Joel Shores told

Deputies said the video showed the educator
performing "sex act on herself," according to the
local station.

Blanton sent the inappropriate photos to the
teens over the course of two years. It started
while they were students at Burns Middle School
and continued into their high school days.

"There's no question in our mind who is in the
video. Who made the video. We know exactly
who was in the video," Shores added.

School administrators learned about the footage
on April 9 and Blanton resigned from her job as
a science teacher with Burns Middle School
shortly after, according to the Cleveland County
Sheriff's Office.

The Charlotte Observer reports that Blanton was
charged with three counts of indecent liberties
with a child under 16 and six counts of
disseminating obscene material to a minor.

She is out of jail on a $150,000 bond.

Source: NYDailyNews

'Drunk with Power' - Jonathan and wife Dame Patience

The high-flying duo of Nigeria's President
Goodluck Jonathan and wife Dame Patience sing
‘Drunk with Power’, a remix of Beyonce and Jay-
Z’s hit ‘Drunk in love’.

In this hit, the first couple detail their love for
each other as well as their aspirations for 2015.

Dame Patience sings of ” sleeping on the ground
floor and walking up upstairs and wondering
what the hell happened” , in depiction of
Jonathan’s meteoric rise to the eventual tenancy
of Aso Rock, beating everybody else’s

17.5% VAT On All Services? - Ghanaians Must Wake Up Before It Is Too Late

We got the ff message from one of the banks in the country:

"Dear Valued Customer, with the coming into force of the new VAT ACT 870, banks are required to charge a 17.5% VAT on all services rendered for a fee, effective May 2014."

This is daylight robbery at its best. The current government has now indeed proven to Ghanaians that they are totally incapable of thinking out of the box to provide real practical solutions to the problems faced by the people of Ghana.

And to top it all, they have no control over the various government institutions resulting in a free for all looting raid by Ghanaians against Ghanaians. Look how fat they have become ever since they came to power.

The problem with Africa is that accountability is almost non existent. The majority who carry the vote have little to no education and are therefore incapable of making informed decisions. It is easy for them to think of their belly first before anything else.

The people in power are very much aware of this and tend to drag their feet when policies to move education forward are introduced. It is critical that basic education at least is made freely available. Why do you think this is the case abroad? It is necessary for the existence of a healthy democracy.

Ghana, wake up!

GhanaLeaks Team

[See-Through] - Fashion Disaster Exposed

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Friday, 18 April 2014

[Exposed] - Arab Women Exposed In Public - [Pictures]

Arab women protesting by going fully noode in public while their men look on perplexed.

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Ghana Girl Peace Hyde featured on Bossip

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[Roro Replies] - Reggie Rockstone is an Opportunist Who Capitalizes on Any Given Chance

Forty eight (48) hours after Hiplife GrandPapa, Reggie Rockstone, threw scowling words at sound engineer, Roro Buddy on Channel R’s ‘205 Total Entertainment’ programme, the latter has also come public with an equally ‘insulting’ reply to the former.

Roro had earlier shared his artless opinion on VIP now VVIP’s newly released song titled ‘Selfie’ as a substandard recording and that he is highly disappointed in them.

Roro, who feel Reggie Rockstone did not treat him fairly, has replied: “Reggie rockstone is calling me a snitch hahahahahahaha who snitches more than him. Hypocrite and an opportunist who always wana capitalise on any given chance. Come and i will show u what good music is. He just lost ma respect for him. Bring it on I’m waiting. Grand papa (tweaaaaaaaaa).”

Oh chaley! Boys should look sharp and settle this like real men before the public loses respect for the both of them.

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[Drama] - Reggie Rockstone Beefs With Roro For Describing VVIP’s Latest Single ‘Selfie’ as a Substandard Recording

Veteran and respected producer and sound engineer, Roro, opined recently through his Facebook wall that, the latest single ‘Selfie’ released by then VIP now VVIP, is a substandard song and that he is highly disappointed.

To Roro, the song “is technically not good.” Reacting to Roro on Channel R’s ‘205 Total Entertainment’ on Wednesday 16th April, 2014, Reggie Rockstone vomited chilly words at Roro. “Don’t mind Roro! Don’t mind him! When was the last time you Roro gave us a hit! When was the last time you gave us a hit record?

First, you Roro, you are not my co-equal. Two, when I started making music, you Roro, you had not even bought a drum machine! Three, am I a sound engineer? Four, Roro, if you hear say something no correct about your brothers dema music, you could not pick your phone and call us and tell us that there’s something wrong so we should bring it for you to tighten it so we can also part something (money) to you.Or you (Roro) can say the mix is not correct cos you are a professional. Roro did not do that, instead, you took your opinion to the media; what importance will that bring? Why do you go to the media and say that? You Roro, you have not made a cut for how long……you have recorded Promzy since he left VIP.

Where is Promzy’s song? Who has heard it? Have I resorted to the media to say anything? Have I said the song Roro recorded for Promzy is a…..This is a short cut for publicity and it’s a cheap publicity stunt. We (VVIP) do not respect it and he has also broken the oath of brotherhood and friendship”

Roro came on the line and had wanted to react to all Reggie had said but, mad Reggie continued and when he was prompted by the host, he said “I do not have any wish to speak to Roro! If Roro wants to speak to me, he should go back to the media where he took the story to.

I have no intentions of speaking to Roro! Roro is a friend and a comrade but I’ve lost absolute respect for him. You now want to talk to me on the line? For what? You could have called me to talk on this issue. I do not want to speak to Roro.”

Speculations have it that Roro is currently recording fall out member of VIP, Promzy, hence, his comments could be motivated by some hatred for the now VVIP with the GrandPapa of Hiplife, Reggie Rockstone as a new member.

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[Madness] - Mason Arrested For Defiling 2 Year Old Niece

Just look at the ugly face of an excuse for a human being. How can anyone in their right mind do such a thing?

Thirty-year-old Mawuli Edifor, a mason, has been arrested by the police for allegedly defiling his two-year-old niece at Odorkor, a suburb of Accra.

The suspect allegedly committed the act after the victim’s mum had left the child, then asleep, to buy something in town.

The victim, who bled profusely after the act and said to have developed a swollen vagina, has since been treated and discharged at the Police Hospital.

Briefing DAILY GUIDE, Superintendent Abraham Acquaye, the Odorkor District Police Commander, said the incident occurred on April 5, 2014 at Odorkor where suspect and the victim lived in the same apartment.

Around 1:00 pm same day, he said the mother of the victim, Rose Roberson, returned from town and met suspect coming out of her room.

She asked what Mawuli was looking for in her room but he could not give any tangible reason.

Madam Roberson allegedly rushed into the room and detected that her daughter’s dress was stained with blood as well as her thighs.

She also realized that suspect had his boxer shorts soiled with blood.

Victim’s mum quickly informed their step father about the act and when the vagina of victim was inspected, it was swollen and so the matter was quickly reported to the Odorkor police.

A medical report was issued for the victim to be taken to the hospital for medical attention.

Suspect was later arrested after investigations were over.

He would be sent to court soon.

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